The Islamic Woman’s Role defined by Al-Ghazali

On Women

Janette Dillerstone

Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali is considered to be the greatest Muslim scholar ever existed after the prophet Muhammad. He is called “The Defender of Islam”. He has written around 1,000 books in the Fiqah of Islam. In his well-renown Book, “The Revival Of The Religious Sciences” Al-Ghazali defines the woman’s role:

– She should stay at home and get on with her spinning

– She can go out only in emergencies

– She must not be well-informed nor must she be communicative with her neighbors and only visit them when absolutely necessary

– She should take care of her husband and respect him in his presence and his absence and seek to satisfy him in everything

– She must not leave her house without his permission and if given his permission she must leave secretly

– She should put on old clothes and take deserted streets and alleys, avoid markets, and…

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